Cuisine Noir

Chef TLC

Soul food and comfort classics are on the menu when Tonya L. Coleman — or Chef TLC — is cooking. Her big purple bus is always a sight for sore eyes whenever it rolls through Indianapolis, IN, and anybody who’s tried her food will attest that it’s beyond worth the wait. It’s nothing but tasty, feel-good eats at Chef TLC, so whether you’re going with a burger, a cheese-steak, a pork tenderloin sandwich, chicken tenders, tacos, nachos, peach cobbler, or any of her other delectable eats, you’ve got great things waiting for you on the other end of your order. And the best part? She caters. Book Chef TLC to handle things at your next event. MUST TRY Sandwich Combo — Any sandwich served with a side and 24oz Faygo!

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Chef Oya’s The Trap

In just a few short years, Chef Oya Woodruff and her team have established The TRAP as the premier seafood spot in Indianapolis, and is quickly becoming a national destination. Located in one of the country’s largest food deserts, The TRAP provides fresh food with layers of unforgettable flavor, all served in a family atmosphere.

For Chef Oya, a combination of formal education and lived experience built the impenetrable foundation necessary for housing her successful culinary career. Elder and ancestral light guided her through each successful endeavor that she has accomplished thus far. Humble beginnings in various foodservice roles afforded Chef Oya the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in diverse culinary establishments.

A formula of knowledge, entrepreneurship, moxie, TrapButtah, and Young Bae seasoning by FoodLoveTog birthed a seafood empire. Established in 2016 as a seafood delivery service, the Trap, an acronym for actions geared Toward Restoring food Access to the People, has since blossomed into a storefront restaurant that is a complete experience to visit.

Because of Chef Oya’s heart that is bent towards the community and supporting other local business owners, she has a hefty following and is mutually supported. Making countless appearances across varieties of print and media outlets have become the norm for this culinarian allowing her to elevate in the food world, leading up to an appearance on the Food Network’s Bite Club.

Additionally, scoring the top place on Indy’s A-List for seafood officially titled her as Indianapolis’ Queen of Seafood, and the masses seem to agree.

The Alkaline Electric Goddess

Ellise Nikki Johnson
Alkaline ⚡️Electric Goddess walking in her purpose

“Here is my story; I was diagnosed with lupus in 2008. At that time, I had the physical capacity of an 80-year-old woman. Through my determination not to let this diagnosis rule my life, I started looking for alternative ways to heal my body. At my worst, I could not walk and could not even stand without assistance. My focus was on health primarily and not weight loss. The alkaline plant-based diet has transformed my life completely. As I began the diet, I knew I was healing based on the way my mind and my body felt. As of September 2018, I no longer take any lupus related medication. I am excited to say my energy is up. I miraculously went from not being able walk, now I walk miles and miles for pleasure. I have also had the opportunity to participate in CrossFit, boxing, you name it. The Alkaline Plant-Based Diet reversed my diagnosis. You can change your diagnosis too.


Dakomfort Zone LLC is a Multi-Culture Cuisine family eatery. That serve families a fun yet nutritional meal for an affordable price. in a family friendly environment. Dakomfort Zone also service the community by providing food to the less fortunate in the surrounding areas of the city.

Tynnetta Sells- Healthy Eats

I am a Native of the South Side of Chicago. I am married to an amazing man with 2 gorgeous and intelligent daughters. I grew up in a mixed family with 2 sisters and 2 brothers, I am number 4 in the mix. My mantra is to “Embrace Yourself”, you can never be a better person until you know who you are. My journey to this developing food empire began at the early age of 9 or 10 years old. I always had a fascination with creating and experimenting with the creation of meals. My father and other friends of the family would always call me a scientist. It wasn’t until a few years ago, I realized they were speaking these words into existence. What scientist do is go through the scientific method to reach a conclusion. Some of their procedures include, collecting materials, writing a hypothesis, creating an experiment, and documenting the conclusion.

As a food scientist, I want you to feel secure and know that your food was diligently tried and tested to satisfy your taste buds, hence the name Tynnetta Sells- Healthy Eats. Now it’s your turn to relax and let Tynnetta, your cook take over your meals for you. 

Discover Tynnetta Sells- Healthy Eats and “EMBRACE YOURSELF”.

Tha Corn Man

Tha Corn Man was founded out of our love and passion for catering delicious food made with only the freshest ingredients to our local communities. We pride ourselves in creating flavors that will make your mouth sing. We also are known for our gorgeous presentations and exceptional catering services. Let us make your next event memorable, easy and have everyone raving about the cuisine. We hope to hear from you soon! We sell Mexican style corn, roasted corn on the cob or in a cup and a variety of other delicious food. If you need a food truck for your next event, call us on +13173602900.

Sparkle’s Tasty Sweets

Born an raised in Indianapolis started off by doing hair then makeup and went to school for nurse assistant while working as a Home Health Aide so you can see I was all over the place. My family and friends believed I should focus on my skills in the kitchen and since then that’s where I’ve been every since. From my cake to my meals I love see everyone enjoy Sparkles Tasty Sweets. All I wanna do is feed you and have you leave with a smile With the help of my Fiancé my business will grow and will soon be a known name in Indianapolis.