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Performing Live

Bashiri Asad

Acknowledging that each of us has a priceless gift that we must harness and share with the world, Bashiri Asad has come to define his sound as “IndySoul”. He laughs. He cries. He loves. He dreams. Just like you, everyday. He feels deeply, and turns his feelings into music. Soul music. Music that says exactly how you feel, everyday. Bashiri Asad is the “Everyday Soul Singer,” and he will remind you that feeling what you feel, in your soul, is just fine. IndySoul is his passion, and he exudes this with every song!

Megan Simonton

Being influenced by classic R&B, Jazz, Rock, and Neo-Soul, this Indianapolis native is no stranger to the music scene. Having performed most of her life, Megan has graced many stages, acting, singing, and sharing her gifts with the world. Though she wears the many hats of actor, songwriter, playwright, and stage director, she is always excited to get back to her first love of singing!! Megan has always been infatuated with the musical greats, and uses her training and creativity to captivate each audience. She is also in the process of working on her first solo project.

Alaina Renae

When Alaina’s marriage fell apart, she began singing again, this time with a local band that became an important stepping-stone. While she was performing, multiple people noticed her. The first was Michael Houston, a music producer in Chicago. He was looking for a jazz vocalist and Alaina was the perfect fit. The next was a member of a popular local band called Toy Factory, and she became their lead singer. But even Alaina was in demand and performing multiple shows every weekend, she did not feel fulfilled. So, in 2013 she had a long talk with Michael. He suggested she record an album, so she did, with Michael as the producer.

Her debut album, The Introduction, proudly displays her Gospel heritage, which is expertly woven through her soulful sound. While Alaina says she is not the product of her environment, she is clearly the product of her upbringing – she was raised in the church and taught to be soulful – that is exactly what you hear on this album. There are hints of Jazz and R&B throughout her music, but this petite woman can belt out a song, putting her heart and soul into each word she sings.


BL+K is a Duo that is composed of two creatives Breon Laníère (vocal sensei/songwriter/vocal coach) and Kenn Wav (keyboardist, songwriter and producer) who share a love for music. They intentionally set out to exhibit their passion for music by providing a one-of-a-kind live musical experience. Their goal with each song they write, perform or play is to convey feeling and relation, reminding people that they are not alone in the human experience. Music for them is deeply spiritual and has a purpose: to heal, bring hope and inspire. BL+K are storytellers with each chord played and each note and riff sung telling a story of the black experience, faith, triumph, wins, losses, love and more. The two make their home in jazz, r and b, and neo soul but with deep roots in the church and gospel, you never know what to expect. You may have seen them around the city at the Rooftop ballroom, monument circle, the vogue, or the jazz kitchen and they are excited to join you at Blacktoberfest. You are in for a ride as they take you on a journey while cruising different sounds. The Duo seeks to share their love of music with the world every chance they get.


Indianapolis rapper Fazle has a knack for getting an audience energized. In particular, he will never forget the time he transformed a rather stationary Emerson Theater into an utter madhouse while opening up for the artist Pouya.

Having consistently released music over the last several years, Fazle most recently dropped his latest project, Grxck: Tragedy, in late December. The second part of a multi-act project, Grxck: Tragedy is the follow-up to Grxck: Circus and follows the story of a fictional clown character Fazle created after finding inspiration from renowned Swiss clown Grock.



TheeAllyE, born Allyson Zenobia Edmonds, has a sound like no other. She’s a 27 year old singer, songwriter, and producer. TheeAllyE has performed the National Anthem at Lucas Oil Stadium as well as for the annual March of Dimes events across Indiana. After perfecting her craft, she knew she wanted to write and perform her own music. She released her first self-titled EP “TheeAllyE” in the summer of 2021 and is expected to release her first album in the coming months! One of her most popular songs is “Dreams” a story of how Ally grew up and the struggles her family faced to get here today. TheeAllyE always finds a way to connect with the crowd through her music, to truly give the ultimate experience for the listener. With a unique voice and a story to tell, she brings a creative style to the R&B game and her journey is far from over.

DJ Mary Jane

DJ MaryJane has provided musical entertainment at special events for Grammy Award Winner and Vocalist Brandy, along with Actress Lisa Raye and Rapper, Trina! DJ MaryJane is well-known in Indianapolis, Detroit and surrounding cities. DJ MaryJane won the 2020 Midwest Leak Awards for Indy’s Favorite Breakout DJ! Book DJ MaryJane, you will NOT be disappointed!

Past Performers

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Renee King

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